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Watch the Trailer for Hummus the Movie
January 9, 2016, 4:11 pm
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 a look at the people behind the hummus . .  for whom hummus is an ideology

filmakingKeep a lookout for the new movie: Hummus!  (There is a link to the trailer below.)

The newspaper Haaretz reports that: “The main characters in the movie are

Suheila al-Hindi, the Muslim woman who owns the award-winning Abu Suheil hummus restaurant in Acre and the only Muslim female business owner in the heart of Acre’s Arab market.

“Generally you don’t find women working at Arab restaurants,” said director Oren Rosenfeld. “In Abu Gosh, they told us that this is a profession for men only, and that’s true for Acre’s other hummus restaurants, too. Aside from Suheila and her sister, all the other workers there are men. It’s amazing to see this woman in Acre whom everyone respects – the women, the suppliers and the customers.”

Olivier, a Benedictine monk who lives in the Israeli hummus capital Abu Gosh with a mission to find the perfect hummus.

Abu Shukri, the owner of Abu Gosh’s most famous hummus restaurant, who says that hummus is an affair for men only.

Jalil Dabit of Ramle’s restaurant Hummus Samir, who organizes acoustic rock concerts at his family’s hummus restaurant.

Jamaica native Aluf Abir, also known as the rapper Nigel the Admor, of the Hebrew-language song “Hummus makes you stupid,” the spiritual mentor behind the Yokneam-based hummus chain Hummus Eliyahu.

Click here to read the full article.

Click here to watch the trailer.


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